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Space Monsters is a free-to-play/open-source, futuristic top-down shooter video game with retro-styled graphics and some elements of both arcade and role-playing game mechanics. This game has been influenced and inspired from other shooter games, most notably Alien Shooter, Alien Breed, Crimsonland, Space Invaders,Alien Swarm, Half-Life, Doom, Quake, and The House of the Dead.

The story of this game takes place in the spectacular years of 2025 (when the first incident involves with the landing teleporation devices before Roki's presence) and 2026 (Syrax's turn after its predecessor's death), where you can play as an operative of I.F who is dispatched of the abandoned headquarters with long passages of military complex to clear out from the horde of alien invaders controlled by their enormous masterminds' evil presence, especially the outside counterpart. So the goals are to be a hero and save every humankind on earth from extinction as the chief plans by the leader of I.F.

The fate of humanity is upon you.


Keyboard Controls

ESC - Toggle menu
Number keys (1-9) or Q and E keys - Change weapon
Up or W - Move up
Down or S - Move down
Left or A - Move left
Right or D - Move right
R - Reload
M - Toggle map (if you got a radar)
Ctrl - Toggle sniper scope (if you have sniper rifle)
F1 - Show game information
F2 - Debug message log
F3 - Restart current level (Campaign Mode only)
F9 - Take a screenshot

Mouse Controls

Left button - Shoot/Attack
Right button - Melee

External links

Homepage: Space Monsters Tribute Site

Wiki: Space Monsters Wiki

Forums: Space Monsters Forums

DeviantArt: Space-Monsters-HQ

YouTube: Space Monsters Guides

Facebook: Space Monsters page

Twitter: @SpaceMonstersSM


Project Producer
Axl Jet Eno-Lee R. Baños

Space Invaders
Alien Shooter
The House of the Dead
Alien Swarm
Alien Breed

Music used
Alien Shooter 2 Soundtrack - Menu Theme remix
C&C Tiberian Dawn - Full Stop remix
C&C Tiberian Sun - Artiller Crush remix
C&C Tiberian Dawn - Act of Instinct remix
Starcraft - Zerg Theme 1 "Epic Rock" Remix
Alien Shooter - Menu Theme
Metal Gear - Return of Fox Hounder "Funkier" Remix

Programs used
Game Maker 8
Virtua Tek Fighter Factory
YouTube MP3 converter

Maki Superstar

Other thanks
Valve Corporation
3D Realms (Apogee)
iD Software
Sigma Team
Virtua Tek
SNK Playmore
Blizzard Entertainment
Mark Overmars
Yoyo Games
Taito Corporation
Electronic Arts
Rich H (Xenogenocide)
Little V Mills

(C) 2015, 2018 PSONIC.


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